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fairy oddparents


fairy (poof)

timmy turner

oke ~ saye nyer suke larh , cartonn ke drama ..
yeayh , suka sgt ngan cite fairy oddparents , suke sgt ..
ta tahu larh npe , myb jalann cite nyer kot or cara deyaa belakon ..

The Fairly OddParents . This is the story of ten-year-old Timmy Turner. Timmy has little control of anything in his world -- but with help from his zany fairy god parents Cosmo and Wanda, life is always exciting! With their combined powers, they wreak magical mayhem by granting Timmy extraordinary wishes. The Fairly OddParents helps kids to laugh at themselves. It is a place where all their wishes come true

waaa~~ ituu deyaa .. sinopsys nyer ..
jum tkar ch nickelodeon or ch 119 (tv9 larh) ~

bce smbil smile

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